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Gift purse (S)

Gift purse (S)

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Make your gift a cute and warm gift and deliver a wonderful present and feelings to your loved ones.
Size: About W100 x H130mm

・Reference size ■ 1 aroma ball can (small) + 1 aroma oil
*If you want to put these two items into the drawstring bag (S) yourself, please take them out of the bag in which the items are packed and put them in.
■ Aroma ball can (large) x 1 ■ Mask spray SUSUSU x 2 ■ Birthday perfume x 1

It may differ slightly from the actual product. (Thank you in advance for your understanding.)

If the destination is a customer, we will not put the product in the purse and will include the materials.

If the recipient is not the customer, we will put the product in a drawstring bag and send it to you.
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