Acquired ISO9001 certification for production and sales of natural aroma oils

Certification registration number: C2020-03676
Certification body: Perry Johnson Holding Co., Ltd.

■ Background of ISO9001 acquisition

ISO9001 is an international standard that aims to improve customer satisfaction and continuously improve quality management systems through quality assurance of products and services. It is an effort to secure and guarantee the quality of business, such as corporate evaluation of quality control methods based on the ISO 9000 series, which is an internationally common foundation. By establishing and introducing a quality management system that complies with ISO 9001 and continuously improving it, we have acquired ISO 9001 certification for the purpose of raising awareness of quality management within the company and improving reliability and customer satisfaction. did.

■ Scope of certification ・Manufacturing and sales of natural aroma oils

・Aroma no Mori online shop

Remo Trogen Co., Ltd. will continue to actively improve quality management and pursue customer satisfaction.

quality policy

Our mission is to enrich people through the aroma business.
Our vision is to create a society that connects and spreads around fragrance.
Furthermore, we will continue to improve quality for our customers.

July 6, 2021 Remo Trogen Co., Ltd. President Shigeki Mori