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Refill for Wave Car diffuser Original Blend Oil (70ml)

Refill for Wave Car diffuser Original Blend Oil (70ml)

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Refill for Wave Car diffuser.

You can choose from 4 different scents (70ml each).

-Refresh/Fresh scent of citrus mint with a sense of cleanliness
-Citrus/Fresh and bright citrus scent. A fragrance that is loved by all ages.
-Study&Work/Fresh and spicy scent that instantly refreshes the brain
-ZENSHIN: In addition to peppermint and lemon, which are characterized by a clean and refreshing scent, it is a blend of cypress, juniper, and frankincense that purify the spirit. The fresh and invigorating scent of the forest will clear your head and revitalize your tired body. It's a recommended scent when you can't concentrate on driving or when you want to refresh your feelings!

A replacement cotton stick is also included.

Just put our original 100% natural blended oil in the glass bottle, insert the cotton wick, attach the diffuser head, connect the cable and turn on the switch. For Car, when the switch is turned on, the vibration of the car is completely cured and it operates. (It cannot be used in places where there is no vibration, such as at home.)

The oil and water in the bottle may separate, but in that case, lightly sprinkle it on when you notice it.

Our original base is a blend of 100% natural aroma oil with a special method that does not contain alcohol and contains as little oxygen as possible. can.

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