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Waterless diffuser (with 10ml essential oil)

Waterless diffuser (with 10ml essential oil)

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Introducing a new waterless diffuser♪

Because of the nebulizer type aroma diffuser,
You can use whatever essential oil you have.
Unlike conventional diffusers, it can be used without water.

■ How to use:
Easy to use. Just add essential oil and press the button.

* Remove the dropper (inner lid) attached to the light-shielding bottle, insert it into the main body, and use it.

* If the charging mode charging indicator light turns red, it means that the battery is being charged.
Charging is complete when it turns green.
*The charging indicator light is located on the back of the main unit.
*If the battery runs out, it will take at least 5 minutes for the minimum charge.

■ Lighting function:
Equipped with a total of 9 color night lights, it can be used as a night light.
[Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, pink, white]

■ Diffuser head:
Suitable for most 10/15ml bottles on the market.

■ 3-stage spray amount and spray time adjustment
60s/120s/150s interval mode

■You can choose from 6 different scents (10ml each).

●Relax system:
・Lavender [Clean floral fragrance]
Although it is said to have originated in Europe, it is now a popular herb cultivated all over the world.
Ancient Romans are said to have bathed in lavender.
The word lavender comes from the Latin word for "to wash".
In the Middle Ages, it was laid in churches to prevent contagious diseases.
It is also known to have relaxing and anti-anxiety properties.

・Holeaf [Floral and woody scents harmonize, no peculiar scent]
Holy leaf essential oil is expected to relieve stress and have antibacterial and antiviral effects.
It is often valued for its compatibility with other essential oils.

- Citrus series:
・ Grapefruit White [Fresh and slightly sweet citrus scent]
Grapefruit is a hybrid made from sweet oranges.
Grapefruit is so called because it grows on a tree like a large cluster of grapes.
The scientific name "paradisi" means paradise.
It was named because the scent makes you feel the happiness of paradise.

・Mandarin [Refreshing and the sweetest fruity scent among citrus]
It is said that the name comes from the fact that it was dedicated to a high-ranking Chinese official called Mandarin.
It is often used as a raw material for perfume.

● Refresh system:
・ Tea tree [Bitter woody scent]
It lives in the wetlands of Australia. Indigenous Aborigines are
It was widely used as a material for canoes and for medicinal purposes.
It wasn't until after World War I that its medicinal properties really got noticed.
It lives in a limited area of ​​Australia,

・Rosemary [Refreshing scent of herbs]
Rosemary has a long history, and there are many legends and anecdotes about it.
The most famous one is "Hungarian Water".
Queen Elisabeth of Hungary, who was old and suffered from pain in her limbs, used rosemary-soaked water presented by a nun.
It is an anecdote that a prince from a neighboring country proposed to him when he was over 70 years old.
For this reason, Hungarian water is also called rejuvenating water.
Rosemary is also a symbol of rejuvenation.
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