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Birthday Perfume February/February.

Birthday Perfume February/February.

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February is so cold that even the gray sky freezes. A lemon-based scent that supports February-borns with an intelligent sense of humor.

  • lemon mandarin cypress
  • lemon mandarin marjoram
  • Lemon Mandarin Ritz Acpepa (Mai Chan)
  • lemon mandarin laurel leaf
  • lemon mandarin eucalyptus radia
  • Lemon Mandarin Ylang Ylang 3rd
  • Lemon Mandarin Lavandin Aprilis
  • lemon mandarin horwood
  • lemon mandarin frankincense
  • lemon mandarin lime
  • lemon grapefruit white cypress
  • lemon grapefruit white marjoram
  • Lemon Grapefruit White Ritz Ac Pepa (Mai Chan)
  • lemon grapefruit white laurel leaf
  • lemon grapefruit white eucalyptus radia
  • Lemon Grapefruit White Ylang Ylang 3rd
  • Lemon Grapefruit White Lavandin Aprilis
  • lemon grapefruit white horwood
  • lemon grapefruit white frankincense
  • lemon grapefruit white lime
  • lemon grapefruit pink cypress
  • lemon grapefruit pink marjoram
  • Lemon Grapefruit Pink Ritz Acpepa (Maichan)
  • lemon grapefruit pink laurel leaf
  • lemon grapefruit pink eucalyptus radia
  • Lemon Grapefruit Pink Ylang Ylang 3rd
  • Lemon Grapefruit Pink Lavandin Aprilis
  • lemon grapefruit pink horwood
  • lemon grapefruit pink frankincense

It is perfect as a gift for your loved ones or as a reward for yourself.
Contents: 15ml
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